Đây là một phần mềm xem phim nghe nhạc quen thuộc cho những ai đang xài HDH MAC OS và Windows, nay cũng đã có trên iphone 2.0. Phiên bản đầu tiên chỉ mới là bản beta, mời anh em xem qua một số hình ảnh và cài đặt dùng thử.

Highslide JSHighslide JS

Cách cài: chép thư mục vlc4iphone.app vào Applications set 755
chép nhạc phim vào /private/var/mobile/Media/vlc4iphone

Tải về ở đây.

(Theo tinhte)
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RjTEIm4epjlJ Email Homepage
2014/03/25 00:44
I really appreciate free, succinct, reliable data like this.
4wND0Fop5Wl8 Email Homepage
2014/02/19 13:50
Very true! Makes a change to see someone spell it out like that. :)
jYVwoiyItv8I Email Homepage
2014/02/13 18:24
Full of salient points. Don't stop believing or writing!
5Cl4nC8ymR Email Homepage
2014/02/04 17:08
Thanks for helping me to see things in a different light.
9rMAg9pzz Email Homepage
2014/01/26 10:31
I'll try to put this to good use immediately.
UAqAUxp9 Email Homepage
2014/01/21 13:26
Hey hey hey, take a gander at what' you've done
RSL9auLW8w Email Homepage
2014/01/20 08:18
Appreciation for this information is over 9000-thank you!
qUpOJ8tq Email Homepage
2014/01/19 16:21
Thanks for your note, Anne.  A long way we most certainly have come!  I remember how alien the whole home page concept (not to mention the term itself) seemed to me initially (the phrase seems to have gone out of style, doesn’t it?).  Over time we at Milbank/Gottesman talked a lot about moving from a static to a dynamic website, which I think possibly reflected stylistic concerns more than functional ones, though it seems to me that our current site encourages and supports a good deal more interaction than its predecessors did.  It’s impossible not to imagine how quaint and humble our current notions and ambitions will someday seem, but that’s pretty much a given, is it not?  Still, I’m fond of the look and feel of some of the old sites, and find them not too shabby, at the end of the day.
0Slvbco5 Email Homepage
2014/01/19 03:40
What a pleasure to find someone who identifies the issues so clearly
VXFOq5SGYkzr Email Homepage
2014/01/18 01:11
This info is the cat's pajamas!
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